Introducing The Breakthrough Way To Transform Your Cello Playing so that you can play with 
 More Focus, Flexibility & Fun

Without Increasing Your Practice Time.

This  FREE Training Reveals:

Powerful Secrets to blast through physical and mental roadblocks and take your cello playing to the next level.

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Loved the whole thing! Got so much great info on exercises for your hands and wrists, things to help with performance anxiety  that I think will actually work!  -Robin

Thankyou!  Great ideas I'm going to incorporate into my practice - Jolene

Introducing A Breakthrough Way To Transform Your Cello Playing So That You Can Play With More Focus, Flexibility & Fun

Without Complicated Exercises or Increasing Your Practice Time

This Training Reveals:

Powerful Secrets to blast through physical and mental roadblocks and take your cello playing to the next level.

Hurry and grab your seat while its FREE!

Loved the whole thing! Got so much great info on exercises for your hands and wrists, things to help with performance anxiety that will actually work - Robin


Secret 1
How to Apply a Simple Technique so that you can play with more Focus and Clarity
Secret 2
How to feel Confident and Calm even if you have Physical & Mental Roadblocks and not much Time to Practice
Secret 3
How to Train your Mind so that you can Play with more Expressive Freedom and Creativity

transform and energize your cello playing

If you are looking for the best ways to reduce tension and stress in your playing, progress faster and increase your enjoyment of practice and playing  without increasing your practice time then you NEED  to watch this Exclusive 30-minute video training...

For a limited time only, you can get full access to the research-based  powerful tools that have been helping cellists like you all over the world play with more focus, flexibility and have more FUN! And the best part? These methods will start to work for you TODAY!

No matter whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years, this training will put you on the path to greater mastery and confidence in your cello playing today!

Learn more about the creator of this training... 

Hi!  I'm Mea the Creative Cellist,  a Canadian recording artist, cellist, and master coach.

I studied cello performance at the University of Toronto with internationally acclaimed cellists Shauna Rolston, Winona Zelenka & Simon Fryer and frequently attended masterclasses with world-famous musicians  including Yo-YoMa and members of the St Lawrence String Quartet.

Throughout my career, I've developed a passion for improvisation, composition, and mind & body practice techniques.  It is now my goal to share my knowledge with as many cello players as possible.

I know how challenging consistent practice and progress can be. I've been there, and I've seen other cellists struggle...

 The truth is that if you don't practice in a way that works for YOUR body & mind  and you don't have CLARITY on how to practice, you can work for hours and make very little PROGRESS.

That's why I created this FREE training

The secrets I will share with you in this free training have helped cellists of all levels play with more Focus, and Flexibility & have more Fun using powerful research-based  Mind & Body Techniques.  

I'm not about giving you another difficult  exercise to learn or teaching you how to play pieces.   You likely have a great cello teacher for that!

I'm about giving YOU the tools so YOU can teach yourself to play better so that you can learn any  piece of music you want and be confident in your own abilities.

I take a unique  approach to cello coaching that is focused on YOU as an individual.  Your BODY  Your MIND &  Your MUSICAL GOALS.  In recent years, a lot of research in the areas of performance  psychology, wellness and education has revealed that developing mastery in any area of life requires a balanced approach that not only emphasizes hard work but also respects the unique journey of each person.

I combine the science of performance psychology, mindful awareness techniques and the very best in cello pedagogy to get you practicing and performing at your highest level.

You will learn  how to practice more efficiently and effectively so that you can stop wasting time on painful  drills and get right to the heart of what's holding you back.

You will learn to develop your skills from the inside out, trusting yourself and your own musical   intuition.

This training  is the perfect way to rekindle your passion for playing. The focus here is to help YOU play with greater focus, flexibility, and pleasure while reducing stress and tension AND increasing your musical expression and creativity.

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DISCLAIMER: Please understand my results are not typical The average person who buys any “how to” information gets limited results.  You must take action. This workshop is for informational and educational purposes only.  Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. At the end of the workshop, I’ll be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with me and my team to get help with implementing what they learn in the training. This is completely optional. The workshop lasts about 30 min and if you don’t want to work more closely with me, you can leave without buying anything. The workshop will be holding NOTHING back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.